We take data security seriously


  • Triple data backup across countries, each with 99.999999999% durability
  • Regular data checks
  • Trusted Digital Repository


  • Non-profit organization with an infinite life
  • Assets dedicated by law to support our mission
  • World-class staff and advisers


  • Endowment fund to support our mission indefinitely
  • No outflow for profit taking or taxes
  • Conservative investments

You get what you pay for

  • Hard drives and DVDs have a limited life
  • File formats change every few years
  • Commercial providers come and go

As a non-profit organization with an endowment fund, Chronicle of Life offers the only permanent solution.

Benefits for you

  • Peace of mind: keep your memories forever
  • Privacy: share only with people you like
  • Save memories easily: use email or the web
  • Collaborate to memorialize a loved one
  • Find anything with full-text search
  • Stay in control: No ads or data mining
  • Store full-resolution photos and videos
  • Keep access even as file formats change

Privacy and sharing

  • By default, everything is private
  • You can share items with family and friends, or make them public
  • You can invite others to collaborate with you

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